Design & Implementation


Optimize Your Work - As a strategic partner of, VERTICAL99 provides customized strategy, desgin, and configuration support to develop any business function in the project management system.

We also build re-sellable setups. Experience

VERTICAL99 is an agile process and project management partner in helping you to develop the most optimized experiences.  Following is a listing of a full-scope experience with VERTICAL99 - We are also happy to provide specific components of this experience if you need only certain aspects of support.


Most of our engagements begin with a discovery phase including a Process by Design workshop. In this beginning stage of work together, we will dive into the process, business function, or system you are looking to operationalize.  We work to understand your goals are, key milestones desired, use cases, and KPIs of success.


End result? A detailed mapping, serving as a blueprint for development.


Process by Design workshops and discovery phases can range from one session to multiple, depending on where you are in the evolution of your business function. Already have a process mapped?  Fantastic. We will move forward quickly. .... Not quite sure where to begin?  We got you. 


As a result of our work together during discovery, we will review and refine our Process by Design blueprint and ensure all details are mapped correctly. During this pre-implementation stage, we provide a plan of action for implementing the process outlined during Process by Design so that all stakeholders are in agreement with timelines, expectations, and target completion dates.


The exciting part! We build. During Implementation & Configuration, we build and create the plan outlined in Process by Design.  We track every step of the project and keep all stakeholders in the loop of progress made and any changes to timeline via regularly scheduled meetings or notifications.


We believe that testing and refining of design needs to happen every step of the way, but once a full-scope configuration has been built, a final testing phase will take place to ensure all items are fully operating, all original goals and needs are met, and efficiencies are optimized.


Once is built, tested, and refined, VERTICAL99 will provide any operating team members with training and documentation on the new system to ensure all employees are ready to go with your newly designed solution!


As a final and ongoing offering, VERTICAL99 provides recurring check-ins with managers and/or all team members to ensure your solution is being utilized and operating at its fullest capacity. On-Hand Ongoing Month-to-month Support

We join as a member of your team, focused on ensuring you are getting the most from your platform each and every day.

How does it work?

A bank of hours on-retainer each month.  You can use hours toward:

  • Build and development of new needs

  • Revision and refinement of existing experiences, as needs of the organization shift and change

  • Trouble-shooting of issues or glitches

  • Strategy for future development

  • Adherence - Meeting with team members regularly to ensure everyone is on track with utilizing your custom experience

Sound like this might help? Contact us for pricing and more info.