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Why enlist our support?

Priority Support

Where do you need help? Where are you lacking resources? Where do you need more hands-on-deck?  That's where we come in.  VERTICAL99 will lift the specific need you have at a specific time.

Focused Evolution

You need to evolve to the next steps, yet your day-to-day is taking over and preventing you from moving forward. We will carry you through these demanding days to next stages of growth by zeroing in on a specific initiative while you continue to evolve your vision and focus elsewhere.

A Partner in Growth

In stages of growth, it can be difficult to have the man-power on-hand to power priority initiatives as demand arises. VERTICAL99 is with you every step of growth evolution, working with you as a member of your team. We are agile - and can scale, and scale-back, with you.

About Us

One Word:


VERTICAL99 is a growth company.  We work with all types and evolutions of organizations, from the solopreneur fresh on their own, to the matured corporate team looking to scale to new sectors. It is our goal to establish, refine, and in some cases - manage - efficient systems, processes, and projects so that you can focus on what matters: Growth.


We provide a variety of services rooted in systems, process and projects. We can help you to operationalize any business function or process, or to build a system for resale.

Our Services

VERTICAL99 provides support for every step of your operationalization journey.  Whether it's an extra resource for project management you need, or a fully mapped and designed system, we are here for you every step of the "make it happen" way.

Systems Design

Project MGMT
Design & Setup

Process Design

monday.com Design & Implementation

Workflow Mapping

Outsourced Project Management

What We Are Reading Today

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Think outside of the box.

“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing .”

W. Edwards Deming